Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Between 17-25 years of age, the third molar, also known as wisdom tooth, erupts in the oral cavity. Sometimes, when it does not get space to come through, one can experience severe pain. In the event of severe discomfort, an oral surgeon should be consulted for tooth removal.

When to consult us?

You should reach out to us if you are experiencing:

  • Severe jaw pain;
  • Swelling; sometimes extending from cheek towards the eye;
  • Discomfort due to decayed third molar;
  • Red and swollen gums;
  • When the third molar is associated with cysts and repeated infections;
  • When presence of third molars makes it harder to maintain oral hygiene and poses risk of tooth decay in neighboring teeth.

Our internationally trained oral surgeons are here to offer pain relief and will devise a treatment plan for wisdom tooth extraction after X-ray investigations. Various factors can sometimes complicate wisdom tooth removal, rest assured these will be explained to you at Shams Dental Clinic.

Post Operative Instructions

To make your recovery period comfortable; promote better and quicker healing, we strongly recommend following the below instructions:

  • Eat soft and healthy diet;
  • Avoid eating hard, tight and spicy food;
  • Avoid extremely hot and cold food;
  • Use an ice pack to reduce swelling and pain on your mouth;
  • Hydrate and avoid alcohol, tobacco and smoking.
  • Avoid using straw for drinking;
  • Avoid brushing at the extraction site;
  • Use of mouth-wash to maintain oral hygiene.

If wisdom tooth extraction sounds daunting to you!!  Visit any of our three branches for a relatively pleasant experience!

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