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Teeth whitening procedure removes stains and discolorations caused from poor oral hygiene, smoking, and food substances to a naturally whiter shade. We make sure the toughest stains are whitened.

In office whitening treatment

Whitening procedure is done at dental office by a dentist. They show better results, as the concentration of gel is higher than home whitening kit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The results of whitening differ from person to person depending upon the maintenance followed after the procedure. Avoiding food and drinks that cause stains like red wine, tea, coffee to name a few will increase the longevity of the procedure. 6 monthly visits to your dentist to repeat a whitening session can help in maintaining the results for a longer period.

The time required to whiten your teeth depends on the system of whitening used. In office treatments shows quicker results than home whitening kit. The time will also depend on what shade your teeth is to begin with. In office treatment may take 1 to 3 visits for maximum brightness while take home kits may take 10 days to over two weeks for maximum result.

The cost of veneers depend upon a number of factors like the number of teeth being treated, the type of veneer used (composite veneers cost less compared to porcelain veneers). Our dentists at Shams Dental Clinic are always available to guide you according to your need and affordability.

At Shams Dental Clinic, we use Lumibrite system of teeth whitening that gives you maximum results with minimum sensitivity. On an average you can expect a 3 to 5 shades brighter results from your teeth shade. The degree of whiteness with any teeth-whitening system varies from person to person.

Your cosmetic dentist will take protective measures to prevent discomfort during the procedure. A rubber shield is placed to prevent the whitening gel from damaging the gums. However, after the procedure you may feel a tingling sensation called as sensitivity for a short period of time, which should settle down in a day or two.

No, in patients with severe discoloration or the cause of discoloration is from within the tooth, the whitening procedure may not give you the results as expected. In that case, you could opt for better options like veneers or crowns.