Teeth Whitening

We all love to have that pearly white smile, but sometimes some of us have minor discolorations since birth, or due to excessive tea, coffee consumption, or due to certain dietary habits; teeth can become stained.

You no longer have to be self conscious about your smile because of its color.

Why consider us ?

We at Shams dental, have an in office whitening system to give you that natural white set of teeth making your smile versatile.

Experienced dentists at Shams Dental Clinic assure quality service, using the best whitening systems namely, Lumina whitening and Zoom whitening.



A bleaching agent is applied on to your teeth surface and is treated with a laser light machine. The bleaching agent is activated with this laser, which in turns lightens the stains on your tooth. Depending on the severity of the initial discolorations, 2-4 sessions, each of 30 minutes, are required.

Taking into consideration the results achieved after the first session, a repeat session can be booked at an interval after a few months after taking into consideration the level of sensitivity of your teeth.

When should you consider teeth whitening?

  • Aesthetic needs;
  • Yellowish, brownish discoloration due to smoking and dietary habits;
  • Discoloration after dental trauma;
  • Minimal discolorations since

When is whitening not considered?

  • Under 15 Years of age;
  • Extreme discolorations that take longer to be corrected with bleaching agents and would rather be a right candidate for veneers;
  • Discolored crowns, veneers.

Post-treatment Care

  • No soft drink/ wine, coffee or tea for at least 24 hours after treatment;
  • Brushing and flossing twice a day for maintenance;
  • Regular follow up every 6 months.


A home whitening kit is provided by the professional to the patient, as per their need. Your dentist will give you a laboratory made tray. The bleaching solution in the kit is used with this tray. This process is easy and safe to be carried out at home. It is also sometimes given to patients with extensive discolorations after in office whitening sessions, to maintain the results of the in office procedure.


Before the start of the procedure, you have to inform your dentist about the sensitive teeth, the regions of the teeth which are sensitive mostly the exposed root surfaces, cervical regions and the adjacent gum tissues are covered by a rubber-based material, so that the bleaching agent cannot enter those regions. A desensitizing treatment is done post whitening for the patients who have sensitive teeth.

Some sensitivity is normal which can last for a day, which eventually reduces. Sometimes, painkillers may be prescribed to relieve the discomfort. Within a day or two, the sensitivity decreases. .

The factors which cause discoloration of teeth are coffee, tea, tobacco, certain medications, and cold drinks etc. To maintain the results after whitening one has to cut down tea ,coffee, cold drinks and smoking habits. Immediately after treatment, it is advised to avoid tobacco and the food stuffs that cause staining of teeth. Regular scaling and polishing is also recommended. .

If one maintains optimum oral hygiene, undergoes regular scaling and polishing and avoids the agent that causes staining of teeth; the results can last for multiple years. Sometimes to maintain the results,home whitening kits are also advised to the patients.

Although, a fixed cost is maintained for whitening procedures but sometimes certain patients have extensive discolorations, hence the final cost is decided on the day on of initial consultation and the number of sittings suggested, to achieve the expected shade of your teeth.

Depending upon the severity of the initial stains on your teeth and the result after the first session, a repeat session can be booked at an interval after a few months after assessing the presence or absence of post-operative sensitivity.

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