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Root Canal Treatment

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A root canal treatment is a procedure to remove infected inner most layer of pulp consisting of nerves from the decayed tooth roots. During the procedure, the canals are cleaned, disinfected and restored with a filling material. Root canal treatment saves an infected tooth from requiring a tooth removal by cleaning the bacteria from the canals and preventing the spread of infection further.

Although root canal treatment is a dreaded procedure, the fact is that it helps to eliminate pain from the first appointment. At Shams Dental Clinic, we ensure our patients are well informed and our specialist endodontist in Dubai evaluates your tooth and performs the procedure only if necessary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Root canal treatment is performed only after you are sufficiently numbed with a local anesthetic, so the answer will be a no. We make sure you are comfortable and calm before the procedure.

You may need a root canal treatment in the following conditions:

  • Severe pain that increases at night especially when you lie down
  • Recurrent pimples on the gums near a particular tooth
  • Discolored tooth
  • Swollen gums
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Fractured tooth near the nerves

The cost for root canal treatment in Dubai depends on several factors like, the severity of infection, the number of appointments required, the tooth treated and the number of canals. It is always better to save a natural tooth than to replace it with an implant or bridge later on.

 It is advisable to place a crown or a restoration after a root canal treatment to prevent reinfection and maintain the stability of the tooth for its better function and esthetics.

It is the latest advanced technology used to do root canal treatments with the help of microscope. The dental microscope helps the endodontist to magnify the root canals and allow them to see areas in the canal that would otherwise be invisible. This ensures better outcome and precise treatment.


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