Pediatric Dentistry

Are your kids afraid to go for a dental check-up?

We, at Shams Dental have an excellent paediatric dental set up that provides a warm, nurturing, safe and children friendly environment to your kids to help them relieve their dental anxiety.

Our highly trained and experienced paediatric dentist provides the dental care your child needs with utmost care and perfection.

Paediatric Dentistry Services

  • Comprehensive dental checkup;
  • Preventive dental care (fluoride application, dental sealants);
  • Restorative dentistry;
  • Laser-assisted dentistry;
  • General anaesthesia for children;
  • Oral hygiene instructions;
  • Oral habit counselling;
  • Interceptive orthodontics;
  • Care for dental injuries;
  • Management of dental emergencies;
  • Dental sedation.


  • It is usually advised to visit the Pedodontist as soon as the first tooth erupts.
  • Regular check ups every 6 months is advised;
  • Dental emergencies;
  • Problems related to growing dentition;
  • Discoloured tooth;
  • Delayed tooth eruption;
  • Children with special needs.


To feel anxious is normal on the day of the first visit for both the parent and the child. Our specialist on the day of initial consultation will gently evaluate your child’s teeth, gums, jaw structure, bite etc. sometimes an xray might be required if there is any hidden decay. Usually, no treatment is performed in the first sitting unless there is an emergency. To create a rapport with the child, the paediatric dentist gives the child oral health care tips and routine conversations to alleviate their fear and anxiety.

As soon as the first tooth comes, it is mandatory to start with the oral hygiene practices. It is advised to wipe the baby’s gums and the teeth with a soft clean piece of cloth after feeding and before the baby sleeps.

As soon as the first tooth erupts, oral hygiene practice must start. It is recommended to use a small soft bristled toothbrush with a pea sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste designed for kids.

Baby bottle decay or early childhood caries are quite common among kids, who sleep immediately after feeding or sleep with milk bottle or any related formula. The risk of caries is very high in these situations since the bacteria start acting leading to tooth decay. Hence, it is advised to not use any sugary drinks for babies. It is advised that the kids finish the bottle of milk before sleeping and  the parents must wipe their teeth and gums before they sleep.

It is safe to take radiographs for the children if required. Radiographs or X-rays are required to diagnose any hidden decay, to see the extent of dental caries or to see the alignment of teeth and jaws . In addition, radiographs can also help to see the status of the permanent dentition inside the jaw bones.

A good set of primary teeth is a must for the child as it aids the children in proper speech and mastication. Multiple decayed teeth and associated pain also affects the nutrition of your child. Multiple front teeth decay can make them smile less leading to loss of confidence. Primary teeth also maintains the space for the permanent teeth, for if there is a premature loss of primary teeth it can lead to early space closure which can lead to crowding or improper alignment of permanent teeth.

Babies usually thumb suck when they are hungry or restless. This, when it becomes a habit, is very difficult to break. This thumb sucking habit must be stopped before the eruption of permanent teeth, because if it continues after the eruption of permanent teeth it can lead to protrusion of the upper front teeth. Tongue thrusting habit can cause malalignment of the lower anterior teeth.
These habits can be corrected by habit breaking appliances.

A child should first visit the dentist after the eruption of the first tooth, and the visits should be regularly done after every 6 months. The dental visits also depend on the level of oral hygiene your child maintains or if there is any associated pain, decay or early loss of primary teeth.

Children can have multiple dental issues like caries on the teeth. This should be evaluated and resolved as soon as possible so that the decay does not reach the nerves and the child does not have to go through any root canal procedure. Regular dental check up will also help the pedodontist to evaluate the child’s dentition so that the permanent set of teeth do not require any extensive orthodontic alignment.

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