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At Shams Dental Clinic, we offer a comprehensive and unparalleled surgical dental experience. Our best oral maxillofacial surgeons in Dubai use latest technology and equipment’s for surgery. 

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

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Oral and maxillofacial surgery deals with extensive surgical treatments to treat conditions like an impacted wisdom tooth, tumor and cyst removals, treating injuries to the mouth and face.

Our oral surgeons with over 40+ years of experience focus on providing the best surgical care possible and ensure that your functional and esthetic needs are fulfilled.

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An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a doctor specialized in diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions in the head and neck region, including the face, oral cavity and teeth. The conditions can range from simple extractions to complicated impacted tooth removals to management of road traffic accidents and oral cancer diagnosis and management. 

Like medical surgeries, there are certain investigations that need to be done pre-operatively, in order to prevent many post-surgical complications. The pre-operative preparations and investigations varies depending on diagnosis and treatment. Some surgery like Surgeries performed in a dental office like extractions and implant placements can require investigations like complete blood count, clotting time, bleeding time, HB1Ac for diabetic control.

Other complicated surgeries under general anesthesia like jaw reconstruction or complicated impacted surgeries may require you to undergo pre-anesthetic checks at the hospitals.The procedures done under general anesthesia may need you to abstain from eating at least 6 hours before surgery.

We are equipped with the latest 3D imaging CBCT machines at our clinics to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment planning can be done for your dental condition. CBCT are CT scans with considerably lower amount of radiation are used to create 3D images of your jaw and teeth. CBCT gives our clinicians a 3D information, which is limited with 2D radiographic images like OPG and periapical radiographs.This help us to give you more accurate treatment options.

The general post operative care instructions after a surgical procedure are as follows:

  • Rest: Depending on the complication of surgeries, post-operatively medications are provided to help with swelling or pain, which is normally expected for few days after surgery. It is advisable to take rest and avoid strenuous activities as advised by your surgeon.

  • Use ice packs: It is advisable to use ice packs on your cheek over the surgical area. Ice packs can help reduce post-surgical edema and bruises, that is a normally occurs post-operatively.

  • Avoid smoking: Quitting smoking before and after surgery, as smoking can hamper quick and uneventful healing.

  • Watch for warning signs: In case of severe pain, fever, profuse bleeding even after 24 hours of surgery, we advise you to attend with your doctor immediately.

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