Laser Dentistry

Laser is the minimally invasive solution for soft tissue surgeries.

The procedures which were earlier performed by scalpel or electrocautery are now performed by lasers, which is the more gentle alternative for the tissues.

It is highly recommended for patients who have anxiety about surgical procedures, since the soft tissue surgeries performed by lasers are almost bloodless, most of the time no stitches are required, intra-operative pain is minimal. Additionally, post-operative pain and swelling is also less, with faster and better healing.

Why consider us?

We, at Shams dental are equipped with a highly advanced technology of soft tissue laser, which enables our surgeon to perform soft tissue surgeries effectively and precisely. Thus, offering patients a treatment alternative with better, faster and safer results.

Advantages of laser

  • minimal anesthesia is required;
  • provides excellent hemostasis i.e., control of bleeding;
  • pen like holding device which makes the soft tissue surgical procedure very precise and predictable;
  • in most of the cases sutures or stitches are not required;
  • post-operative pain, swelling and discomfort is minimal;
  • Faster and predictable healing.


CLEANING OF THE GUMS -Llaser assisted sub gingival scaling is more effective to treat gum diseases. Research shows that there is better reduction of the gingival pockets and eradication of the bacteria causing inflammation.

TREATMENT OF GUMMY SMILE – Lasers can be used effectively to perform crown lengthening in patients who have a gummy smile. It gives an instant result with minimal bleeding and swelling.

DEPIGMENTATION OF THE GUMS – Lasers are the most effective, dependable, noninvasive and better alternative to remove the melanin pigments from beneath the gum tissues, to give your gums the natural coral pink color. The results achieved after laser depigmentation are predictable and long lasting in comparison to when scalpel is used.

TONGUE TIE – A soft tissue laser is used to gently remove the soft tissue that causes the tongue tie. Correction of tongue tie  l aids in improved speech and mobility of the tongue.

OTHER USES – Other dental procedures like,

  • for the orthodontic closure of the midline spaces, the soft tissue between the teeth can be excised by a laser,or
  • before the placement of the cap (crown), if there is inadequate height to receive the crown; the height of the crown can be increased by a laser,
  • the second stage of implants to manipulate the soft tissues, lasers are used.


They are absolutely safe. Approved by FDA, they are infact a gentler, safer alternative to conventional scalpels, with almost bloodless and suture-less surgeries which can be performed under minimal anaesthesia with better faster and predictable healing with minimal pain and discomfort.

At the wavelength for soft tissues, the laser precisely cuts through these tissues coagulating them at the same time and does not cut the surrounding hard tissues like tooth or bone.

A little amount of anaesthesia is required to numb the surgical area but in comparison to conventional surgeries, the amount of anaesthesia delivered is less and also intra operative discomfort is less.

  • Beneficial for anxious patients;
  • Significantly less pain;
  • Reduced dosage of anaesthesia;
  • Minimal bleeding and swelling;
  • Reduced risk of infections since the surgical area is sterile and coagulates as it cuts due to high intensity light;
  • Precise incisions;
  • Faster healing since the healing of the wounds starts as soon as it is cut;
  • Minimal postoperative pain.

After the surgery there is minimal pain discomfort and swelling. However, in some cases painkillers are prescribed to reduce if there is any pain or swelling. Antibiotics are generally not required since the surgical area auto sterilises. However, a soft diet and not a very hot diet needs to be followed. The surgeon will give you a detailed list of post-operative instructions to be followed.

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