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Laser Dentistry

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Is your child scared of needles, noisy drills and numbness? We’ve got you covered with needle free, drill free treatment for the first time in Dubai. Laser assisted dentistry is one of the latest advances in dentistry and we can ensure you a better patient experience.

Laser dentistry can be used for both; teeth and soft tissue procedures. Laser dentistry causes no heat or vibrations making the procedure comfortable for children. For soft tissue treatments, the need for stitches can be avoided and healing is s faster than with routine treatment options.

Types of


Tongue tie removal for infants and children

Exposing unerupted teeth (teeth that is unable to come through the gums on its own)

Preventive dental treatment to protect tooth surfaces

Laser assisted root canal disinfection

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Frequently Asked Questions

There have been enormous studies ensuring the safety and effectiveness of lasers in dentistry. Lasers act only on the diseased tissue without harming the surrounding soft tissues or teeth. We work for the welfare of our patients and do only the best treatment available in dentistry.

In most cases, your child may not need a local anesthetic, as laser dentistry does not involve physical contact with the tissues in their mouth. In addition, lasers have cauterizing effect, typically causing minimal bleeding after the procedure.

Treatments with lasers are not painful, but your child may feel slight tingling sensation. We make sure your child is comfortable through out the procedure and leave our clinic smiling.

The cost for dental treatment’s for kids with lasers depend on the type of treatment done. Click here to book an appointment with the best pediatric dentist in Dubai to know more.

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