Is a Dental Implant Procedure Painful

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If you have been thinking about replacing your missing tooth, there is no better solution than a dental implant in Dubai

There can be different causes of tooth loss– from tooth decay to gum diseases and bone infections, but missing teeth must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid disturbing the balance in the mouth. Not only does it lead to lost confidence, losing a tooth can add excess biting forces on the existing teeth, compromising their health. 

While crowns and bridges have been the traditional way of replacing missing teeth, dental implants have proven to be the better alternative. But, did you know most people presume that a dental implant procedure is painful? Well, here’s what you need to know about dental implant procedure, Dubai!

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are artificial tooth replacement options comprising the implant screw, an abutment and a crown. The implant screw is made of titanium (a biocompatible substance) and is placed inside the jaw bone. This part of the implant replaces the tooth root. A minor surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthesia to place the implant screw in the jaw. An abutment or connector is placed on the screw to enable crown placement. A customised crown is then fitted on top of the abutment to complete the implant procedure.

While bridges and partial dentures are still widely used to replace missing teeth, dental implants are always the first choice for the following benefits they offer:

• They are fixed, comfortable and convenient

• They offer Superior aesthetics

• Provide better chewing function

• Have a lower risk of causing cavities in the adjacent teeth

• Enable better bone growth in the area

• Are conservative as adjacent teeth are not prepared/shaped 

Despite being the showstopper of dental treatments, dental implants are not recommended for everyone. 

What Does a Dental Implant Procedure Involve?

One of the popular opinions among people is that ‘dental implants are painful’. Are they really? To know more, it is essential to understand the procedure of getting a dental implant.

The dental implant procedure is divided into two phases: surgical and restorative.

The surgical phase is the first step and involves the actual placement of the implant screw. In this step, the implantologist numbs the area using a local anaesthetic so that you do not feel any kind of pain or discomfort during the procedure. Next, a small cut is made in the gums, and the implant screw is drilled into the bone in place of the missing tooth. The gums are placed back using sutures. The area is allowed to heal for at least eight to ten weeks. 

The restorative phase begins eight to ten weeks after the implant placement, once the healing is complete and the implant screw has fused with the surrounding bone. The abutment is placed on the implant screw, and the measurement for a customised crown is made. Once your implant crown arrives from the lab, the dentist fixes it permanently on the screw.

What To Expect During After a Dental Implant Procedure?

The healing phase after implant surgery is very similar to tooth extraction. Once the anaesthesia wears off, you can expect some tenderness and discomfort in the area. The implantologist will prescribe pain killers to help you with this pain and tenderness. 

The process of healing is different for everyone, but following some basic precautions and instructions will make your recovery easy:

• Avoid eating hard, hot and spicy food for three days

• Do not use a straw for 24 hours after the surgery

• Avoid spitting out for at least 24-48 hours after surgery

• Avoid smoking for a few days after surgery. It is advisable to quit smoking if you wish to prolong the life of your implant.

• Rinse with warm salt water after 24 hours of the surgery for at least two to three days.

Mild swelling is expected for two to three days and will usually subside by itself.

How Painful is a Dental Implant Procedure?

If you have looked up ‘dental implant near me’ in your search bar but never went ahead for a consultation for fear of a ‘surgery’, you are not alone! The word ‘surgery’ sparks fear and anxiety among people. However, dental implant placement is a routinely performed procedure with minimal risk. 

Since a small incision is given in the gums and the screw is placed in the jaw bone, the procedure gains the suffix ‘surgery’. Also, this procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, causing little or no discomfort and pain during or after the procedure is complete. 

Key Takeaway!

Dental implants are unparalleled in aesthetics, comfort, convenience and durability. They are, undoubtedly, the best ways to replace your teeth and cause little or no pain and discomfort during placement or after. So, if you have been avoiding a dental implant procedure to replace your missing teeth for fear of pain, here’s what you should know– dental implant procedures are not painful

If you have any concerns about the procedure, visit our expert implantologists at Shams Dental Clinics – the best luxury dental clinics in Dubai!


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