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Gum Disease Treatment

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The jaw bone along with the pink gums sets a foundation in which the teeth are held into. They act like a protective layer of soft tissue that is present inside the mouth, and surrounds the neck of your teeth. Without gums bacteria and food debris would easily reach deeper parts of your teeth.

It is important to keep gums healthy. Unfortunately gums are the most neglected part of the oral cavity. Poor oral hygiene leads to deposit of plaque and calculus containing bacteria that are bad to the gums and cause infection and pain.

At Shams Dental Clinic, we have the best periodontist in Dubai who is highly experienced in providing a comprehensive periodontal care for gum disease in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For majority of the patients, routine dental checkups and teeth cleaning is advised twice a year along with routine oral hygiene instructions which is vital in preventing gum disease. Book an appointment with our dentist at Shams Dental Clinic for a check up now.

The main cause of gum disease is the build up of plaque on the surface of the teeth. Plaque contains bacteria that are detrimental to the gums. They irritate the gums and cause infection. Meet our gum specialist at Shams Dental Clinic to know more.

Yes, patients with diabetes are more prone to gum disease, especially with uncontrolled diabetes. Such patients are advised to meet a dentist twice a year to evaluate the condition of their gums to prevent worsening of the gum inflammation.

Yes! Bad breath is one of the main symptoms of gum disease. Plaque and calculus are home to bacteria that release toxins which can lead to bad breath. 

Teeth cleaning is removal of calculus from the surface of teeth as well as roots beneath the gums, thereby removing the bacteria causing gum disease. However, routine teeth cleaning along with proper home care measures are necessary to prevent gum disease.

A dentist specialized in gum treatments are called a Periodontist. At Shams Dental Clinic, we have a highly experienced periodontist whose expertise lies in providing surgical and non-surgical periodontal therapies, including gum depigmentation and flap surgeries, laser assisted deep scaling, crown lengthening and treatment of gummy smile.

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