Dr. Anupama

Dr. Anupama

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Dr. Anupama
Specialist Pediatric Dentist
4 + Years of experience
English | Hindi


One of the best Pediatric Dentist Dubai

Dr Anupama Venkataramani is a Specialist Pedodontist from India with an MDS in Pediatric Dentistry and Certification in Conscious Sedation. She has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating all forms of children’s dental needs, from routine preventive procedures to mitigating painful treatments using conscious sedation, full mouth rehabilitation under general anaesthesia and handling dental trauma in kids.

She is passionate about the welfare and care of children and has a well-earned reputation for delivering the highest standards of care. She believes that  patient’s parents and family play an important role in the ongoing dental care of children. Hence, Dr Anupama ensures her child patient’s family are always reassured with comprehensive treatment plans and even strives to educate them on home and personal dental hygiene best practices that ensure faster recovery and long term dental wellbeing.

Expertise in

• Conscious sedation

• General Anesthesia

• Preventive procedures for kids

• All dental procedures like root canal, crowns, fillings, etc. for kids

• Managing dental trauma in kids.

Certification in

• MDS in Pediatric Dentistry

• Conscious sedation