Are you not happy with your smile?

Many of us have teeth which are not aesthetically the way we want them to be. Some of us have worn off edges of multiple teeth, minor malalignment of teeth, minor gaps that are present between teeth that do not require orthodontic closures, intrinsic stains that do not lighten even after whitening sessions or presence of black triangles between teeth that do not give a very aesthetic look when we smile.

Veneers are an excellent treatment option to fix all such minor flaws.

It is a permanent solution to transform your smile.

Why consider us?

We all are unique with our own set of physical features,  so is our smile. The same set of veneers with the same shade and size cannot be used for every patient. At Shams dental clinic our cosmetic dentists take great care to create custom designed veneers. On the day of initial consultation, the patients’ expectations are asked about. In accordance with the expectations of the patient and what can be delivered, a treatment plan is made,which is highly individualised. The veneers for our patients are fabricated in thebest rated dental laboratory, which use the highest quality material and where top-rated dental technicians strive to create your veneers to match your expectations in terms of shape, colour and size.



On the day of initial consultation, a treatment plan is formulated after a thorough clinical check-up, required scans are taken, if there is any underlying gum issue or any tooth associated pain, the concerned specialists are referred to, so that the veneers can be fixed on health teeth and gums to increase their life and to avoid any future problems. A detailed impression, intra and extra oral pictures are taken. After these steps a detailed treatment plan is formulated.


In the next sitting after doing preparations of the teeth to receive veneers; impressions are taken. After which, temporary restorations are placed till the fabrication of final veneers to protect your teeth from further damage.

Mock up or try on smile

Digital smile design or a mock up is tried on by our cosmetic dentists to analyse your final smile and assess whether any corrections are required and for you to see whether you are happy with the results.


Finally, the veneers are permanently fixed onto your teeth and the necessary adjustments are done in this step too if required.


High quality durable materials are used for the fabrication of veneers which can withstand normal forces acting on teeth/ veneers without fracturing. . With proper maintenance of oral hygiene and regular six monthly dental check-ups,  veneers can last upto 15 to 20 years.

Porcelain veneers - are made up of a strong, good-quality ceramic material that matches the color of your natural teeth .

Composite veneers – are a quick alternative to correct minor irregularities on your teeth instantly, using highly aesthetic composite filling material by your dentist, and does not require any laboratory made veneers.  The downside is that they are not as durable and composite changes colour over a period of time, so you will have to get them redone if you notice any discoloration or chipping of your restoration.

Ceramic veneers

They are more natural looking and thinner than porcelain veneers.

Emax veneers – they are the most aesthetic option to fabricate your veneers with. Emax Veneers have a  translucent texture and appearance, giving them an almost natural looking appearance.. Emax veneers can blend better with your intra oral tissues and they have high strength regardless of being fabricated in thin layers.

The procedure to receive veneers is not painful per se. It is infact, a non-invasive treatment procedure to enhance your smile. If the patient experiences any sensitivity while preparation of teeth, then local anaesthesia is used. Also if a surgery is indicated to correct any other intra oral issue anaesthesia is used.

The cost of veneers is variable and it differs for every patient. Since varied problems can be corrected by veneers, the cost depends on what irregularities are present on the day of initial consultation, what are the patient's expectations and also the type of material to be used in the fabrication of veneers. The cost also depends on the number of veneers that the patient needs.

Taking care of the veneers is exactly the way we take care of our natural teeth. Regular scaling and polishing is required. Regular dental check ups are a must. If the patient is a bruxer, then night guards are usually fabricated to avoid any damage to the veneers. It is usually advised to cut down on tea, coffee or tobacco to minimise the staining of veneers, if any.

  • teeth that wear off over the period of years or at an early age due to grinding.
  • cervical erosions caused by excessive pressure employed while brushing teeth.
  • Tea, coffee, tobacco stains or any intrinsic discoloration present since birth on teeth.
  • The resistant discolorations on your teeth, that even after repeated whitening do not fade.
  • Minor gaps between teeth can be corrected by veneers, thus avoiding long extensive orthodontic treatment.

One of the barriers for the patient when it comes to getting veneers done is the cost of the procedure. But it is imperative to know that getting the right veneers done is extremely important, even if it gets expensive because it is a one-time investment for life.

At Shams dental, we take extreme care to deliver highly functional and aesthetic veneers which can last for life making your every penny invested in veneers count. Book your consultation today to get a detailed individualised plan if you want veneers that not only look like natural teeth but last for a lifetime too.

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