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Shams Dental Clinics provide the highest quality dental care for the past 40 years in Dubai with a team of highly experienced dentists and specialists
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Treated my daughter in a painless way

Amazing Hospitality, well trained professionals, more or less everything covers under Insurance (Excluding Cosmetic). Dr Anupama was Outstanding, she is a well qualified and experienced Professional, she treated my 9 year old daughter with extreme care and in a painless way, My daughter had Gums and Filling issue, I was happy that my daughter came out with a smile without any pain, Reception Maryam was kind enough to do a periodic follow up on and before appointment date Free parking available and a friendly ambience inside + you have restaurants and super market in the same complex.. Overall Highly Recommended.

Sachin Badrinath

Attentive staff, quick toothache treatment

I went to this clinic last week. The cleanliness of the clinic is very well .its doesn't looks like a clinic. The staff is very attentive and ready to help for any circumstance. I was suffering from toothache ,very quickly they took me with the doctor.He is very professional, I highly recommended you to come and get the treatment from shams dental clinic. The staff name called Jumi,she is very professional and following for my dental status. I Love the service from this clinic and recommended all of you to visit this clinic if you are sufferings any kind of dental issues.

Hira Baral

No waiting time, one of the best doctors i've ever met

I had my teeth extraction done at Shams Dental Clinic, and had a great experience because the entire staff is professional and polite, and there is no waiting time. When I arrived, the office was always ready for me, and it was always clean, sanitized, and professional. I felt safe there Dr. Nitin is one of the best doctors I've ever met, and he patiently explained my issue to me and followed up with me each visit. And receptionist Maryam is al very kind. I recommend it. 👍🏻

Ghalamat Muralkhan
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    Whether you need a simple teeth cleaning or an impacted third molar surgery from the best oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Dubai, Shams Dental Clinic is dedicated to provide personalized, comfortable, and high quality dental care to all of our patients.

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    A team of dental experts in Dubai who are passionate about providing quality dental care for our patients.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bad breath, also called as halitosis, is often an embarrassing situation. There are several reasons to halitosis like poor oral hygiene, health conditions, certain food, and habits. Finding the underlying cause and treating them can help you get rid of bad breath. Shams Dental Clinic having the top dentists in Dubai are always available to help you diagnose and treat the cause of your bad breath.

    For an implant treatment to be completed, it may vary from a single day to up to 6 months. The time duration depends on the number of implants required, type of implants and the bone density of your jaw bone. For a customized treatment plan, book an appointment with our best implantologist in Dubai.

    It is recommended to get your teeth cleaned by a dentist/hygienist once in 6 months. However, some patients are more prone to dental issues therefore we recommend professional cleaning as often as 3 times in a year. Shams Dental Clinic has the best dental service in Dubai will follow up and book appointments at your convenience for professional cleaning and routine checkups.

    Some women may get swollen and sore gums that may bleed during pregnancy. Hormonal changes lead to more vulnerable gums to dental plaque and inflammation, which results in bleeding. Worry not, because pregnancy gum disease can be managed easily with proper care and treatment. Book an appointment with our top dentists in Dubai.

    Teeth sensitivity is a common problem. The reason and treatment depends on several factors. It could be due to a cavity, cracks in teeth, worn out teeth, and gum recession to name a few. Treating the underlying cause can control tooth sensitivity. Shams Dental Clinic has the best dental specialists in Dubai who can provide you with the best dental care.

    If your child had an unfortunate fall and knocked off his tooth, calm your child and find the tooth that was knocked out. Avoid holding them at the root area, rinse them under running water, and do not rub them. Store the tooth in the child’s saliva or in a cup of milk. Reach your dentist within 30 minutes to an hour of accident; the pediatric dentist will attempt to reinsert the tooth in your child’s mouth.  We have a well-equipped pediatric dentistry department at Shams Dental Clinic, Dubai to ensure your child is calm and pain free during the procedure. 

    Dental x rays are safe and the most important guide in understanding the cause of your tooth pain. They help us to find out any infection or decay inside the teeth and under the gums and in the bone. We at Shams Dental Clinic use latest digital technology X-ray machines making them even safer. Apart from routine dental X-rays, we also have the facility for a Cone Beam CT (CBCT), which is often required in complex cases like implants placement.

    It is important to keep baby teeth as long as they can because they help in the development and positioning of underlying permanent teeth. Removing the baby tooth earlier than its time of falling off will create a risk of developing teeth malalignment and increases the need for chances of braces and smile correction later in life. Our best pediatric dentists in Dubai will help you understand better and make sure your child is calm, comfortable and pain free during the procedure.

    Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop, by the time they erupt they sometimes do not have enough room in the mouth like other functional teeth. This lack of space will result in problems like impaction, infections, and decay in the adjacent teeth. In such cases, it is always better to have them removed. Book an appointment with our best Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons who can help you deal with the dilemmas associated with the wisdom teeth. 

    Hollywood smile is a cosmetic dental procedure that helps you achieve a perfect smile. Veneers are placed on teeth that are visible while smiling and help to hide defects like discoloration, chipping and misalignment in the front teeth. When done correctly by well-trained cosmetic dentist, the new smile will look like you were born with well-aligned beautiful teeth. Book an appointment with our celebrity dentists now for your picture perfect Hollywood smile.

    Absolutely Yes! 

    There are several treatment options available to correct a gummy smile. Treatments like removing some amount of gums to expose more of your natural teeth and repositioning the upper lip. The treatment plan can vary from patient to patient.  Book an appointment with our Specialist Periodontists to discuss a plan and help you smile with confidence.

    Your convenience is our top priority. Patients with Emirates NBD credit card or ADCB credit card can split the payment to installments of up to 12 months without any interest. Please drop a message to know more!

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